Lauren | Texas State Graduate

Lauren is simply the best! She is so so sweet and she and I got to hang out and take some fun graduation photos to commemorate her time at Texas State! She totally trusted me with location suggestions, and we even took some photos of her in the river! So fun!

Jaimie | UT Senior

Jaimie and I connected on Instagram over a year ago when I saw that she got her class ring from the University of Texas, and I am so excited she thought of me when her final senior semester rolled around! She showed up with perfect hair and makeup and the prettiest floral dress I’ve seen! I just love how the weather perfectly matched her wardrobe and precious personality!

Shelby | Texas State Senior

Shelby and I had a blast taking her pictures on the Texas State University campus last week! She wore the cutest black dress and nude wedges for portraits near the health professions building, where most of her classes were during her time at Texas State. I don’t get to shoot up in that part of campus often, so I was super pumped to get some really unique shots!

The weather could not have been more perfect, and it made for some stunning photos! I’m so excited to share some of them!

Ballerina at Anna Hiss Gym

Since I was young, I always loved driving through old parts of town to see pretty houses and imagine what it was like to live in them decades ago. When I went to college, my love for old architecture expanded to university buildings.  I was lucky enough to be a public relations major at Texas State University, and all our classes were held in the original university building erected in 1899, called Old Main.   Original, thin glass windows, rusted window panes, weathered bricks and antique wrought iron staircase railings were the things I loved most about Old Main.

I am primarily a portrait photographer, but at the end of 2015 I was feeling like I was in a bit of a creative slump. As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across an event a friend of mine was hosting at the University of Texas. He graduated a few years ago, and took a few dance classes at Anna Hiss Gym, which, come to find out, is destined for tear-down. I knew I had to photograph it.

Anna Hiss Gym was built at the University of Texas in 1931, and has housed countless dance classes over the years. To some, it may look creepy and decrepit, but to me, it is rich with history, it just happens to have not been kept up very well.

Faye, the dancer in the photos, is a high school junior from Georgetown, who graciously volunteered her skills for the shoot. It is so good for my creative soul to get out and shoot things I love, and not just shoot for profit. This was one of those days where I walked away invigorated, and quietly hoping the best for this beautiful building.