The Soda Parlor | Nashville, Tennessee

Several years ago, Peter and I watched Olan Rogers’ video, Ghost in the Stalls, for the first time, of what would likely be a hundred times. Like many people, after watching just one of his rambling self-dialogs, we felt like we found the ultimate bff goal. His tales are outlandish, ridiculous and hilarious, and while we’re not entirely sure they’re all true, we’re always looking forward to the next next story.

Olan has so many passions, and he seems to follow every single one of them. The Soda Parlor is one of these passions, and when Peter and I were planning our trip to Nashville after a wedding, I knew we had to stop in. The Soda Parlor is inside a renovated train depot, which is also home to one of the History Channel’s American Pickers’ store, Antique Archaeology. We were really hoping to stop by here too, but it was so busy that there was a bouncer and a 50-person line outside!

The Soda Parlor has tons of Olan Rogers Supply merchandise based on the stories Olan shares on his YouTube channel, a few vintage arcade games, and a bar where you can order old-fashioned ice cream floats served in big mason jars with paper straws. I couldn’t get over the authentic, original brick and wood beams. A big flag hanging from the rafters gave the shop that final all-American punch.

While we were secretly hoping Olan would be there (according to Instagram, we missed him by 15 hours), I still love that we have the memory of going to the Soda Parlor and hanging out at the bar by the window drinking root beer floats.

My favorite video is Echoes Through The Wall, where he chronicles the awkwardness of apartment living. Peter’s favorite is probably The Crum That Fell. It’s an oldie, but a goodie, and I think Peter loves it simply for the final one liner at the end of the video. He quotes it frequently.