Revelator Coffee Company

One of our favorites places we ate at in Chattanooga was indisputably Revelator Coffee! We saw it in passing a couple days before, while we were exploring downtown, and made a plan to visit the morning we headed out to Nashville the day after Caroline and Marshall’s wedding. We checked the menu online before going, thinking we would grab breakfast while we were there, but sadly didn’t see any food. We went anyway, knowing that a great cup of coffee would give us the boost we needed to make the drive to Nashville. When we got there, it seemed like the heavens opened up a little when I saw they had avocado toast on the in-store menu! Peter had a sandwich and a salad (yes, at 8:30 in the morning!), and ate the whole thing! For someone who isn’t known for eating too many salads,  it must have been pretty dang good!

The space itself was so cozy and cute, and I mentioned to Peter how I wish we could pick it up and move it to Austin!