Lauren | Texas State Graduate

Lauren is simply the best! She is so so sweet and she and I got to hang out and take some fun graduation photos to commemorate her time at Texas State! She totally trusted me with location suggestions, and we even took some photos of her in the river! So fun!

The Identite Collective's Office Highlight

A while back, I got to take photos of The Identite Collective's branding workshop at Revelry in east Austin. It was so much fun, and I'm so glad that it worked out that I could photograph it because it meant that I got to develop lots of fun friendships with some of the coolest small business owners in Austin, including Anastasia of The Identite Collective!

Anastasia has a small room in the back of her house that had been begging for a makeover, and she turned it into quite to oasis of a home office! It's mostly white with pops of my favorite shades of pink, gorgeously clean and overall to-die-for! She reached out to me about wanting some beautiful photos to feature the office on her blog, and obviously I happily obliged!

As someone that lives in a one bedroom apartment with a home office that shares the same space as the living room and kitchen, I was jealously drooling the whole time I was photographing it! It gave me some serious inspiration, and I'm slowly rearranging my own desk space in hopes of boosting productivity! Plus, pretty things make the work day a little less blah, don't you think?

The Soda Parlor | Nashville, Tennessee

Several years ago, Peter and I watched Olan Rogers’ video, Ghost in the Stalls, for the first time, of what would likely be a hundred times. Like many people, after watching just one of his rambling self-dialogs, we felt like we found the ultimate bff goal. His tales are outlandish, ridiculous and hilarious, and while we’re not entirely sure they’re all true, we’re always looking forward to the next next story.

Olan has so many passions, and he seems to follow every single one of them. The Soda Parlor is one of these passions, and when Peter and I were planning our trip to Nashville after a wedding, I knew we had to stop in. The Soda Parlor is inside a renovated train depot, which is also home to one of the History Channel’s American Pickers’ store, Antique Archaeology. We were really hoping to stop by here too, but it was so busy that there was a bouncer and a 50-person line outside!

The Soda Parlor has tons of Olan Rogers Supply merchandise based on the stories Olan shares on his YouTube channel, a few vintage arcade games, and a bar where you can order old-fashioned ice cream floats served in big mason jars with paper straws. I couldn’t get over the authentic, original brick and wood beams. A big flag hanging from the rafters gave the shop that final all-American punch.

While we were secretly hoping Olan would be there (according to Instagram, we missed him by 15 hours), I still love that we have the memory of going to the Soda Parlor and hanging out at the bar by the window drinking root beer floats.

My favorite video is Echoes Through The Wall, where he chronicles the awkwardness of apartment living. Peter’s favorite is probably The Crum That Fell. It’s an oldie, but a goodie, and I think Peter loves it simply for the final one liner at the end of the video. He quotes it frequently.

Nashville Cottage | Airbnb

We rented our first Airbnb when we visited Nashville, and we just fell in love the second we saw the space! This super cute cottage was tucked in Emily and Julian’s backyard, where they also had chickens, a garden and the cutest kitty I’ve ever seen (and I’m not even a cat person)! We met Julian when we arrived, and he’s just one of those people you take one look at and immediately know they’re cool. They provided us with a list of things to do, and every single suggestion was perfect. We mostly plan our vacations around where we’re eating our next meal, so it was nice to have a local’s suggestions on where all the best spots were!

The bed was so comfy, and we were so close to downtown that we were able to get just about anywhere in 15 minutes. Pete and I cranked the AC down low and slept SO hard, and woke up feeling 100% better, which is saying something because we’re normally totally exhausted for days after a long wedding weekend!

If you want to spend the weekend at Julian and Emily’s, book your trip here!

Revelator Coffee Company

One of our favorites places we ate at in Chattanooga was indisputably Revelator Coffee! We saw it in passing a couple days before, while we were exploring downtown, and made a plan to visit the morning we headed out to Nashville the day after Caroline and Marshall’s wedding. We checked the menu online before going, thinking we would grab breakfast while we were there, but sadly didn’t see any food. We went anyway, knowing that a great cup of coffee would give us the boost we needed to make the drive to Nashville. When we got there, it seemed like the heavens opened up a little when I saw they had avocado toast on the in-store menu! Peter had a sandwich and a salad (yes, at 8:30 in the morning!), and ate the whole thing! For someone who isn’t known for eating too many salads,  it must have been pretty dang good!

The space itself was so cozy and cute, and I mentioned to Peter how I wish we could pick it up and move it to Austin!

Downtown Chattanooga

Peter and I got to take a road trip to Chattanooga this past weekend for Caroline and Marshall’s wedding and we fell in love with it! The drive there was so beautiful! As born and raised Texans, we’re not used to the enormous trees and huge mountains Tennessee is home to.

We got to spend almost a whole day just exploring downtown, looking at all the pretty, old buildings and even walking along Frazier Avenue to do some window shopping. Peter and I even stopped into a cute little shop to get t-shirts!


One of our favorite parts about Chattanooga, though, was the dusty blue pedestrian bridge connecting the south side of the city to the North Shore!

Jaimie | UT Senior

Jaimie and I connected on Instagram over a year ago when I saw that she got her class ring from the University of Texas, and I am so excited she thought of me when her final senior semester rolled around! She showed up with perfect hair and makeup and the prettiest floral dress I’ve seen! I just love how the weather perfectly matched her wardrobe and precious personality!

Shelby | Texas State Senior

Shelby and I had a blast taking her pictures on the Texas State University campus last week! She wore the cutest black dress and nude wedges for portraits near the health professions building, where most of her classes were during her time at Texas State. I don’t get to shoot up in that part of campus often, so I was super pumped to get some really unique shots!

The weather could not have been more perfect, and it made for some stunning photos! I’m so excited to share some of them!

Kolbey | Texas State Grad

Kolbey is such a sweetheart! Most Texas State seniors want photos on campus, but she wanted something a bit different for her graduation session, so we turned to downtown Austin! We started at the Long Center, where she wore the prettiest white dress and topped it off with a chambray shirt and a super trendy floppy hat. The skyline looked extra pretty that day!

From there, we headed over to the Hope Gallery graffiti park and caught some images in front of some of the coolest art! Kolbey’s super edgy outfit looked so great with the bright colors of the paint!

Ballerina at Anna Hiss Gym

Since I was young, I always loved driving through old parts of town to see pretty houses and imagine what it was like to live in them decades ago. When I went to college, my love for old architecture expanded to university buildings.  I was lucky enough to be a public relations major at Texas State University, and all our classes were held in the original university building erected in 1899, called Old Main.   Original, thin glass windows, rusted window panes, weathered bricks and antique wrought iron staircase railings were the things I loved most about Old Main.

I am primarily a portrait photographer, but at the end of 2015 I was feeling like I was in a bit of a creative slump. As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across an event a friend of mine was hosting at the University of Texas. He graduated a few years ago, and took a few dance classes at Anna Hiss Gym, which, come to find out, is destined for tear-down. I knew I had to photograph it.

Anna Hiss Gym was built at the University of Texas in 1931, and has housed countless dance classes over the years. To some, it may look creepy and decrepit, but to me, it is rich with history, it just happens to have not been kept up very well.

Faye, the dancer in the photos, is a high school junior from Georgetown, who graciously volunteered her skills for the shoot. It is so good for my creative soul to get out and shoot things I love, and not just shoot for profit. This was one of those days where I walked away invigorated, and quietly hoping the best for this beautiful building.